Water heater maintenance

Extend The Life And Operation Of Your Water Heater

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The biggest mistake average homeowners make is not reading the water heater manufacturer’s instructions. They are specifically designed to help you extend the life of your water heater and protect it from preventable damage.

The most common recommendation by manufacturers and plumbers is to drain the tank at least once a year and preferably twice. If you have the manufacturer’s instructions, it is recommended that you follow them specifically for a gas or electric water heater.

What to do if...

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You smell gas:

Try to determine where the gas smell is coming from. If it is strongest near a particular gas operated unit, turn the gas off to that unit. If the smell continues to grow, turn the gas off to the house at the gas meter. You will need a pair of pliers to do this. If you can’t turn the gas off to the house, turn the power off to the whole house and open the windows and doors for ventilation and call Emergency line at 704-288-4664/ext.104.

How to find and prevent water leaks

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According to statistics, household water consumption in different countries varies between 20 and 70 gallons per person per day in Europe, 5 gallons per day per person in dry areas in Africa, and 80 gallons per day per person in USA.

There are many ways to reduce the consumption of water in our homes, and at the same time help the family budget. Leaks are wasteful and expensive. Any unused drop that leaks through the drain is part of the water bill.

According to studies, leaks account for 5% of home water consumption.

Effects of hard water on human body

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While the World Health Organization claims that there is no convincing evidence for the hard water to cause health issues to humans, there are many reasons we should avoid it. The hard water contains high levels of minerals which can be inorganic. Many doctors advice against the daily use of hard water for people with kidney diseases, especially in areas with tap water rich in limestone.