House re-piping

House Re-piping

It’s time to consider a house re-piping when:

  • The water flow is low. This is usually a problem caused by corroded galvanized pipes where the rust on the metal reduces the diameter of the pipes.
  • You have constant problems with leaks from different fixtures and/or joints.
  • The pipes burst, putting the house foundation in danger.
  • The water is rusty, causing health risks and coloring your laundry, bathroom and toilet.
  • You want to improve your home with an investment that would only bring you benefits whether you intend to sell the property or improve the quality of life for your family.

Some of those issues may be solved with partially re-piping but, as always, the temporary solution turns out to be much more expensive in the end. The old galvanized (fresh water) or cast iron (sewer) pipes are compatible with the new PEX (water) or PVC (sewer) pipes but you will soon realize your investment was wasted on a lost cause as the old ones will continue to create problems as time goes on. The plumbing specialists from Carolina Plumbing Pros are working with every possible size and standards of pipes (PEX and copper) and will recommend you the best solution depending on the number of fixtures and family members in your household.

How long would it take?

A whole house re-piping usually takes 1-5 working days, depending on the house and the type of pipes you choose (copper might take a little longer).

Do we need to leave the house during this time?

No. You can keep using the house and have water every evening after the working process for the day is over.

Copper or PEX pipes?

The copper pipes are approx. 3 times more costly than the PEX ones, but have their advantages. Carolina Plumbing Pros is working well with both types.

Who is fixing the walls after the re-piping?

We are. Carolina Plumbing Pros includes this in the service so you can be sure that we won’t leave any mess behind us. The holes used for access will be fixed after the re-piping is approved by a county inspector.

How can I be sure of the quality of work?

Always choose a company with all necessary licenses from the State. Without the proper licenses, permit can not be pulled an inspection will not be performed. Without these inspections, you can never be sure that the work is done properly. The house re-piping is not a small investment so you should rely only on experienced and fully licensed plumbing technicians such as Carolina Plumbing Pros.

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