Sewer Pump Installation and Replacement


When do you need a sewer pump (also known as sewage ejector pump)?

  • If your home’s drain system is at a level below the municipal sewer line
  • If you have a septic tank, located higher than the building of further than septic tank itself
  • If you have any type of plumbing fixture in a part of the house which is below the main sewer or septic line grade. This includes laundry rooms, bathrooms, toilets, and sinks in the basement.

Usually the sewer pump is located in a sump basin or septic tank which collects a specific amount of waste waters. After the waters reach a certain level in the basin/tank, the sewer pump is activated and pumps it out and up to the main sewer line or septic drain field.

The other elements of the sewage ejector pumps are the vent (connected to the existing vent stack) and the check valve which prevents the waters from draining back into the sump basin/tank after pumping it out.

Why call your local plumbing company instead of installing the sewer pump yourself:

  • To make sure your installation meets manufacturer requirements and local building codes. Local plumbing technicians deal with this every day.
  • To have an experienced plumbing specialist calculate the needed size of sewer pump and hold capacity of the basin (Don’t be tempted by bigger than what you need. This will avoid having too much power for the job and a waste of money and electricity). The size of the pump is measured in HP (horse power) and should be calculated based on the number of drains feeding your sewage basin and the distance the waste must be lifted.
  • To get advice for the best sewage ejector pump on the market from someone who has the experience for that and is not interested in selling you his own product.
  • To have a proper installation and prevent the waste or smell from coming out of the basin.
  • To determine the correct size and type of discharging pipe.
  • To save time and effort.

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