Tankless water heater repair and replacement

Tankless water heaters – New Installations, repair and replacement

We install all major brands tankless waterheaters including Navien, Rinnai, Bosch, Noritz and Rheem

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Why a Tankless water heater?

If you want an endless amount of hot water, then you should consider having a Tankless water heater installed. The tankless water heaters (both gas and electric), also known as demand-type or instantaneous, are providing continuous flow for any residential or commercial hot water need. Unlike the traditional water heaters, the tankless ones have no storage tank, which saves you space and is proved to be 30-40% more cost efficient.

By providing hot water only on demand, the tankless water heaters are operating only when needed, saving energy and time. Instead of heating and reheating the water in the tank, which sometimes you may not use, the tankless technology delivers a constant supply of hot water for your kitchen or bathroom sink, shower or other points of use.

The experts from Carolina Plumbing Pros will offer you the best solution for Tankless water heater system that fits best to your family’s demand. We are not limited to offering any specific brand or model, so we can suggest what would really satisfy your needs, minding your budget and requirements, and the latest innovations available in the market.

What should we know before having a tankless water heater installed?

  1. 1. Fuel type - gas or electric?
  2. Nowadays the customers can choose between a huge variety of brands and models. Typically the tankless water heaters provide hot water at a rate of 5-13 gallons per minute. The Gas-fired tankless water heater is considered to produce higher flow rates and efficiency than the electric ones. With more than 30 years of experience in this field, the technicians from Carolina Plumbing Pros can suggest the most cost efficient model according to your needs and budget.

  3. 2. Size
  4. The tankless water heaters that are serving only one faucet or shower are relatively small and would usually fit inside a sink cabinet or closet. Whether you need a tankless water heater for a specific point of use or for the whole house, our experts will calculate the needed size, according to the three main variables:

    • The amount of hot water needed for the unit, measured as flow rate (gallons per minute)
    • The desired temperature of the hot water
    • The temperature of the cold water, entering the pipes
  5. 3. Costs
  6. Typically a tankless water heating system would cost about 2 – 2.5 times as much as a standard one, but the initial costs are compensated by the lower operating costs in long terms. Also, the tankless water heaters don’t produce the standby energy losses associated with the traditional ones. Generally, this is a smart investment and you may be eligible for federal or local tax incentives and credits.

    What makes the tankless water heater even more cost efficient for the residents of North Carolina and South Carolina is the fact that the groundwater temperature is between 55 and 60 F. Compared to the cold northern climate in other states, this gives the advantage of smaller impact on the used energy for heating the water.

  7. 4. Choosing the best company to install the tankless water heater
  8. When choosing the company to install your tankless water heater, you should mind few things:
    • Experience. When it’s about water heaters of any kind, safety comes first and Do-It-yourself not only doesn’t work, but might invalidate your warranty. The experienced technicians from Carolina Plumbing Pros are professionally trained, licensed and qualified to install or repair your tankless water heater, avoiding any safety issues.
    • Choose someone local. Carolina Plumbing Pros is serving the area of South and North Carolina and is always available for the customers in this area. We are very familiar with the local building codes, permissions and requirements. Also, we offer a Same-Day service and an Emergency Hot Line/ext.104!
    • Repairs and maintenance. The life of the tankless water heaters can be extended significantly with a periodic maintenance. Carolina Plumbing Pros is offering not only new installations and replacement but also maintenance and repairs to your existing system. Fully licensed and insured, we are offering a complete solution to your hot water needs! Call at 704-288-4664 and get your Estimate now!

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