Main Water Line Installation, Replacement & Repair

Main water line – Installation, replacement and repair

The main water line installation is a big investment and if you want to spare yourself another one, you should not make any compromises with the quality of the materials and the service. Consult with the experienced professionals from Carolina Plumbing Pros to get an affordable estimate for your main water line issue whether you need a new installation, replacement of the existing one, or repair. We will handle of every step of the process, starting with the diagnostics and planning, the excavation if needed, and the finishing work, with minimal damages to your landscape.

Moreover, if you hire us for installation or replacement of your main water line, we will add to your system the FREE installation of PRV and an Expansion Tank!

PRVs (or Pressure Reducing Valves) are required by the plumbing code when the main line’s pressure needs reducing before it enters your home. Having a PRV installed at the beginning of your main water line extends the life of the pipes, protecting your house fixtures and preventing leaks resulting from high pressure.

An Expansion Tank is required when you have a PRV installed. The expansion tank is meant to prevent raising of water pressure in closed water system, as every house system with existing PRV or check valve is, when its pressure rises heated by Water Heater. It is usually installed in the crawl space or near the Water Heater.

Why call Carolina Plumbing Pros:

  • Quality service at affordable prices
  • Licensed, Insured and Bonded
  • Local company familiar with state plumbing code and regulations
  • Same-Day service and Emergency contact
  • We do it right the first time!