Water Closet Installation And Repair Services

Water Closet Installation and Repair Services

Whether you need repairs to your existing toilet, replacement or a complete toilet rebuild, the experts from Carolina Plumbing Pros will deliver the best solution for your needs. We offer a same-day service at reasonable prices for the residents of North Carolina and South Carolina, following a simple rule – “Do it right the first time!”

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Toilet repairs or replacement

One of the most common reasons for toilet repairs is clogging, which sometimes requires snaking the line after dismantling the toilet bowl. Some toilet leaks can be fixed by replacement of the wax ring or closet flange, but if the toilet bowl is cracked, replacement with a new one is required. Other possible issues may be related to the toilet water tank or some of its parts.

Some of the signs that you need a toilet repair or replacement are:
  • Whistling tank fill
  • Slow tank fill
  • Gurgling sounds coming out of other fixtures if you flush the toilet
  • Leaking toilet water tank
  • Broken toilet water tank (fill valve, ball cock, tank lever, flapper)
  • Toilet leaks
  • Broken or cracked toilet bowl
  • Clogged toilet drain

If you notice issues like constantly running water in the toilet, weak flush or no flush at all, or reducing level of water in the toilet bowl, it’s time to call a plumbing technician! Schedule your appointment today at 704-288-4664!