Sewer Line Video Camera Inspection

Sewer Line Video Camera Inspection

A sewer line video camera inspection can be beneficial when:

  • Diagnosing what kind of sewer or drain problem you are facing
  • Precisely locating the issue instead of guessing and digging
  • Preventing potential sewer line or drain problems
  • Avoiding needless repairs and saving money
  • Proving the problem is solved after the technician is done with the repairs
  • Buying/selling property
  • Finding lost objects like jewelry before they reach the city sewers

Finding the problem is half of the solution!

A video camera inspection is recommended if you are experiencing sewer or drain clogs over and over again. The sewer inspection will easily find any obstructions, clogs, leaks, offset joints, inadequate grade or breakage in the pipes.

The sewer pipe video cameras allow for a visual inspection of drains and sewer lines transmitting a real time high-resolution image to the control monitor. The camera is attached to a flexible rod that can reach anywhere, bending around corners. After it reaches the blockage point, our technician will use the locating device to determine the exact place where the repair or replacement should be done. With a diagnosis that accurate, we can solve your sewer problem quickly and cost effectively. This technique also helps identify the source of hidden problems which makes it our preferred maintenance tool.

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