Water heater maintenance
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What to do if...

You smell gas:

Try to determine where the gas smell is coming from. If it is strongest near a particular gas operated unit, turn the gas off to that unit. If the smell continues to grow, turn the gas off to the house at the gas meter. You will need a pair of pliers to do this. If you can’t turn the gas off to the house, turn the power off to the whole house and open the windows and doors for ventilation and call Emergency line at 704-288-4664/ext.104.

Your toilet is leaking:

Turn the water off behind the toilet. Hold down the handle to flush until the water drains from the tank. Note: If the leak is coming from the tank, a small amount of water may continue to drip until the tank is completely empty. Discontinue use of toilet and call us at 704-288-4664 to schedule an appointment for repair or Fill The Form For an Estimate!

Your water heater is leaking:

Turn the water off at the water heater shut-off valve. If it’s electric, turn off the power to the unit at the breaker panel. If it’s gas, turn off the gas to the unit at the gas shut-off valve.

Inside the house, turn on a faucet (hot water side only) to release the pressure from the hot water tank. Afterwards, use only cold water side of faucets. Avoid turning on a single handle faucet to anything other than straight to the cold side (not to the middle). Then call our Emergency line at 704-288-4664/ext.104.

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