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For over 20 years Carolina Plumbing Pros has provided well pump system services such as installation, replacement and upgrade to all types of well pumps, booster systems, pressure tanks and every other element or device that is part of the well water system.

The two most common types of well pumps are:

Submersible - Estimated to be the most accepted type by the well owners, the submersible well pump is preferred because it is capable of delivering water from any depth and is considered to be very dependable. The electric motor and pump assembly are located below the pumping water level which means that you do not need a special well house or frost proofing. The most common submersible pump is the multistage centrifugal type, but in recent years, the helical-rotor type has been preferred in cases where the well produces methane gas or sand. The submersible well pumps are secured with waterproof cables but special care should be taken to protect the pump from possible lightning damage. Before choosing your well water pump, consult our specialists for the best solution and get your free estimate. In some cases, a smaller capacity pump than originally desired may be necessary if the pump needs to be set very close to the bottom of the well to fully utilize the available water storage.

Jet - Depending on the well depth, you may need a Shallow Well Jet Pump (one-pipe) or a Deep Well Jet Pump (two-pipe). In both cases you will need a special protected area for it outside the well, as it can’t be submerged in the water. This may seem like drawback but it also means easy access for maintenance. This type of pumps should be operated near the manufacturer’s specifications in order to keep their efficiency. The shallow well jet can be installed in wells with depths less than 15 or 20 feet, while the deep well jets are used in wells with depth between 15 and 100 feet.

Some well water systems use a large storage tank to store the water before it is pumped again to the house. Other well water systems are gravity fed and use gravity to provide water pressure. The pressure tanks provide a small amount of stored water to maintain a suitable range of operating pressures. The size and type of the tank (Precharged Membrane or Air-Water Contact) needed for the household depends on the well yield, pump capacity, desired operating pressures and water requirements. Since the technicians from Carolina Plumbing Pros are experienced in this field, we recommend the Precharged Membrane types because they provide more usable storage and don’t need air control devices.

  • Poor water supply – water pressure is too weak or water stops entirely
  • Intermittent well water pump cycling when no water is running – water pump comes on for no apparent reason
  • Water pump wiring damage
  • Water pump turns on and off too rapidly or frequently
  • Pressure control switch problems
  • “Waterlogged” or “air-bound” pressure tanks

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