What to expect when applying for financing through GreenSky for Plumbing Related Expenses

You do not need perfect credit but you do need to qualify for a minimum of $3500, even if your expense is less than that. Not to worry, you only make payments on the amount you use. For your convenience, 6 and 12-month “No Interest” options are available. The application is very short and takes just a few minutes to complete. We will walk you right through it! Once we submit your application, GreenSky will do a quick check on your credit and usually have an answer for us within minutes. It’s that simple!!

Work Can Be Performed Anywhere

Customers can finance projects wherever they need work to be done, such as a primary residence, vacation home, rental property, or anywhere else.

Take advantage Today!

Try one of the 4 plans available: 6 or 12 months with or without payments.

No interest if paid in full within the promo period.

Immediate funding upon authorization. No complicated paperwork, completion certificates or sales contracts required. Only a very simple, half page application and your signature! Decisions in seconds!