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Advantages Of A Tankless Water Heater

It is rarely known by homeowners that a tankless water heater has many advantages over a standard gas or electric water heater. Pricewise, it may not sound like it but the benefits are soon revealed. We recommend a gas over an electric tankless water heater because of its efficiency.

Unlike a standard gas water heater, a tankless gas water heater instantly reduces your expenses by not having a pilot light which burns constantly, even when you are on vacation. The efficiency of a tankless unit while heating the water is almost doubled in comparison to that of a standard gas water heater. With a tankless gas unit, you will enjoy endless, instant hot water versus a standard gas unit, with which you will eventually run out of preheated hot water and will have to wait until the unit recovers.

Additional benefits that you can take advantage of are:

  • Some gas companies like Piedmont Natural Gas offer a rebate if you replace your standard water heater with an energy efficient tankless unit
  • Many manufacturers offer a rebate upon purchase of a new unit
  • You will also be eligible for a Federal Tax rebate of $300.00

Consider switching today!

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