Water heater maintenance
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Water Heater Maintenance

There are a few actions every home owner should do annually in order keep the Hot Water Heater in good stand. The best place to find  all of the needed  information is to check the home owner manual which is coming with the new water heater. Usually it is located on side or top of it in clear plastic bag. If it is miss placed, no worries, I will mention next one of the most important ones as follows:

1. Draining Water Heater annually - Helps to prevent a sediment build up on bottom and lower the heating efficiency on Gas Water Heaters. Also helps to keep maximum of heated water capacity on Gas and Electric Water heaters.

2. Anode road monitoring and replacement - Helps to prevent the tank from corrosion and extent the life of your Hot Water Heater. Usually the access for inspection is on top of the unit. Will need a special tool to unscrew it.

3. T&P Valve (temperature and pressure relieve valve) - The temperature & pressure relief valve must be manually operated at least once a year to prevent from not known mechanical failure which may lead to water system damage.

4. Gas Water Heater Burner inspection - At least once a year a visual inspection should be made of the main burner and pilot burner. You should check for sooting which is not normal and will lead to improper combustion. 

5. Tankless Water Heater - Heat exchanger cleaning - Helps preventing heating efficiency losses, clogging the unit and costly part replacement.

If you are not sure whether you water heater was maintained or you do not fill comfortable to do it yourself, please give as a call at 704-288-4664 and schedule an appointment to have it squared as low as $195.00 for regular Gas Hot Water Heater, $249.00 for Tankless Water Heater and $195.00 for standard Electric Hot Water Heater.

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